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Qustodian Charter


We understand and embrace the philosophy that People love Brands and Brands need People


We are interested in engaging in a two-way dialogue with our favourite brands for our benefit and to help them improve their existing service and co-create better products


We love our mobiles and realise that communication from our mobiles with brands can be valuable for us and the brands


In order to receive relevant messages and offers, we accept sharing some personal electronic information (our Yoad) with brands as long as it always remains under our control


We want Brands to respect our privacy and want the ability to switch off access to us whenever we choose


We want to own our Yoad and don’t want it to be just collected and stored by others for their benefit


We want our Yoad to work on our behalf to seek out products, services and deals that are relevant to us


We want to have complete control of what personal and profile data is stored and a say in how it is used and by whom


We want our data to be held independently of large organisations (operators, handset manufacturers, agencies, brands, search engines etc), so that we are free to move our custom when we choose without losing our historical data


We are no longer alone in front of brands. As social beings we want to know what other people like, be able to recommend to our friends and act as a group in order to receive better offers